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Investment Property Specialist

eXp Realty in Houston

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About Huy Nguyen

Hey, I’m Huy. I'm a real estate junkie. If you cut my vain, a house will pop out!

I am very passionate about Real Estate as you can see! In my opinion, Real Estate is the best vehicle on Earth to capture wealth and generate cash flow.

My wife and I have been investing actively in the Houston residential real estate market for the past 8 years. My business really took off in 2 years ago when i finally have the courage to let go of my full time job! That's when i started helping other people, buy and sell more, especially income-generating properties.

As an Investment Property Specialist role, we will make sure that our client finds the right property that fits their investment philosophy, has a good exit strategy planned in order to get the best return on the capital.

What do I do for fun? Uhm...I like short getaway trip. I play tennis, I read a lot, I love to hang out with like-minded people. Motorcycle is another hobby that I currently can't find the time to fit in right now. I also find joy in helping other people achieving their financial goals.

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